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- Black Vinyl

Joakim Åhlund and Björn Yttling last made a record together 8 years ago. Now they’re back to ride the hype with a new collection of songs they’ve named Phantom Island. ”Phantom Islands are mythical things that surface and appear in front of weary seafarers or castaways, only to disappear again later in a shroud of mystery never to be found again. We kind of felt that this music project has a lot of similarities with that”, explains Björn. ”Also, when we found some recordings and songs we had done together years ago, we felt like we had salvaged a sunken treasure or something” says Joakim.

This record is the second full length from their shared love project Smile, and as the band members themselves explain, encompasses ”as many as possible of all our cherished musical expressions and styles”. The record features guest appearances from Robyn on ”Call My Name”, and Andrew Innes from Primal Scream among others.

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